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Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF)

I am setting up a school. Am I required to register with CPE?

Private Education Institutions (PEIs) offering programmes listed here must register with CPE under the ERF.

How do we submit registration application to CPE?

Application should be submitted electronically via LicenceOne. For guides on how to submit an application through LIcenceOne, please refer to here.

What are the requirements for registration with CPE?

The requirements for registration with CPE can be found here

Where can I find the templates and forms required for submission?

The templates and forms can be found here.

EduTrust Certification

When does a PEI need EduTrust certification?

A PEI could decide whether to apply for EduTrust certification based on its business model. For PEIs which offer pathway programmes, external degree programmes and / or would like to recruit international students on Student’s Pass, they are required to obtain EduTrust certification. 

There are two pre-requisites to meet to apply for the EduTrust certification, namely:

  • At least 4-year Registration under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF)
  • Protection of course fees via the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)

Are EduTrust certified PEIs more reliable and are not likely to close down?

PEIs are EduTrust-certified based on the robustness of their systems and processes set up in various areas, including academic, student protection and support, corporate governance, agent management and quality assurance. While these help in improving the quality of educational services provided, PEIs remain as commercial entities where business considerations, including financial sustainability and outlook, would influence their ability to continue in business.

In situations where PEIs have to wind down, FPS serve to protect students’ fees in the event that a PEI is unable to continue operating. 

Where can I get the list of EduTrust certified PEIs?

You may refer to this link to get the list of EduTrust certified PEIs. There are three types of EduTrust Certification awards, namely EduTrust Star, EduTrust and EduTrust (Provisional).

Search for registered PEIs and courses

How do I search for registered PEIs and their courses?

To search for registered PEI, please refer to this link.
To search for courses offered by registered PEIs, please refer to this link.


How are the fees being structured in PEIs?

CPE does not regulate fees of courses offered by PEIs. Course fees may differ from one PEI to another. Students are advised to check with the PEI directly.

Does CPE regulate payment schedule for fees payable by students?

CPE does not regulate payment schedule for fees payable by students. Students should refer to their student contracts for payment schedules.

I understand that SSG also provide funding on certain courses offered by PEIs. Where could I get a list of SSG courses offered by PEIs?

You can search for the courses by accessing:

  1. Training Exchange
    For the full list of courses that are eligible under SkillsFuture Credit

  2. SkillsConnect Course Directory
    For all courses funded by SSG


Why are qualifications from Private Education Institutions (PEIs) not recognised by the Singapore Government?

As Singapore does not have a central authority that accords recognition to qualifications obtained from PEIs, recognition and acceptance of qualifications for employment or further study are entirely at the discretion of the individual prospective employer or education institution.

Does CPE verify transfer certificate/academic certificate/transcript issued by PEIs?

CPE does not verify transfer certificate/academic certificate/transcript issued by PEIs. For legalisation of documents, please refer to procedures outlined in the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). For notorisation of documents not issued by the Singapore Government, please refer to a Notary Public listed in the website of the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL).

Industrial Attachment and Employment

As an international student, could I attend a full-time course and work part-time after school?

International students on Student Pass (STP) are not allowed to work in Singapore while studying, unless you are studying in one of the schools exempted by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Please refer to the MOM website for more information.

Is my Industrial attachment or on-the –job training (OJT) guaranteed?

If industrial attachment or OJT is included in your student contract, clarify with the PEIs in writing:

  • if OJT component is compulsory
  • the alternative arrangement if the OJT is subsequently not available

I am an international student. Once I graduate, could the PEI guarantee me a job in Singapore?

PEI cannot offer guaranteed job placements for international students as this is subject to them finding a participating employer and also successfully obtaining a work permit from MOM after graduation.