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Protection of Course Fees

12 Sep 2018

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) protects course fees paid by students in the form of fee collection caps and fee protection schemes. 

Fee Collection Caps

Fee collection caps limit the amount of course fees that PEIs are allowed to collect at any one time. It minimises the impact on students in the event that a PEI is unable to continue operating.

Two-month Cap

PEIs that do not subscribe to the Industry-Wide Course fee insurance scheme (IWC) with a CPE-appointed 
insurer [1] are allowed to collect up to two months of course fees from students at any one time.

Six-month Cap

PEIs that subscribe to the IWC are allowed to collect up to six months of course fees at any one time.

Twelve-month Cap

PEIs with EduTrust certification are allowed to collect up to twelve months of course fees at any one time.
Should the EduTrust-certified PEI lose its EduTrust certification, it will have to limit the collection of course fees to not more than two months or immediately subscribe to the IWC to collect up to six months of course fees.

Schemes to Protect Student Fees

There are two main schemes administered by CPE – the IWC under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) and the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) under the EduTrust Certification Scheme. The purpose of these schemes is to protect the unconsumed course fees paid by students in the event that a PEI is unable to continue operating.

Fee Protection Scheme for EduTrust-certified PEIs

The FPS is one of the two pre-requisites that PEIs have to meet in order to apply for EduTrust certification. It provides fee protection for each and every student studying in EduTrust-certified PEIs.
PEIs applying for EduTrust certification must adopt the FPS even if they are currently covered by IWC.  Until EduTrust certification is achieved, PEIs are subject to its existing fee collection caps. 
PEIs are to effect the FPS by adopting the insurance scheme [2] to provide course fee protection for all their students.
Students in EduTrust-certified PEIs can check their Fee Protection Scheme status with their school or insurance provider.

[1] CPE-appointed insurance companies for the IWC Insurance Scheme are available via "List of CPE Appointed Industry Wide Coverage (IWC) Service Providers".

[2] CPE-appointed insurance companies for the FPS Insurance Scheme are available viaList of CPE-appointed Fee Protection Scheme Service Providers”. The escrow scheme for FPS has been phased out since 22 Dec 2017 due to weak demand.

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