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Where can I get more information

20 Nov 2018

Resources and Forms for download

Guidance Document version 3

S/N Title Information
1 EduTrust Guidance Document version 3 (GD3)                         

Instruction Manuals

S/N Title Information
1 EduTrust Terms and Conditions
2 LicenceOne User Guide to Apply for New Licence -EduTrust Certification
3 EduTrust Style Guide (accurate as at 28 January 2011)


S/N Title Information
 1a Document Submission List (for full assessment) New  
 1bDocument Submission List (for interim assessment) New


 2  MR Declaration Form New       
3 Staff Listing Template (19 Sep 2016)  
4 EduTrust Waiver Application Template   
5 Request for Review Form  
6a Standard PEI-Student Contract (accurate as at 2 Apr 2015)
Version 3.1
6b Changes in PEI-Student Contract Version 3.1 (accurate as at 2 Apr 2015)  
7 EduTrust Declaration and Undertaking Letter    

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