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How do I apply for certification

31 Oct 2018


There are two pre-requisites to meet to apply for the EduTrust Certification Scheme. These requirements must still be met after certification. If a PEI is unable to meet or retain these requirements, it will not be eligible to apply for certification or will not be certified. Those already certified will have its certification suspended or terminated.
  1. At least 4-year Registration under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF)
    The PEI must have at least 4-year registration under the E
    RF before it can apply for EduTrust certification. Termination of the PEI’s registration or failing to maintain at least 4-year registration under the ERF will immediately lead to the withdrawal of an EduTrust certification previously granted.

  2. Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) 
    The PEI is required to protect the total course fee paid by all its students via FPS with CPE-appointed Fee Protection Scheme Service Providers, and demonstrate full compliance.

Types of Applications

All applications are to be made via the LicenceOne application on The four types of EduTrust applications are:
  1. New
    A newly set-up PEI, or one which does not have EduTrust certification may submit a new application.  

  2. Renewal
    A PEI should apply for renewal of its EduTrust certification at least four months before the end of its EduTrust certification to ensure that the certificate is renewed on time. Required documents are to be submitted within 7 days. A site assessment would be conducted thereafter.
  3. Interim (for PEIs with four-year EduTrust award)
    A PEI has to apply for an interim assessment at least four months before the end of its second year of certification.  Required documents are to be submitted within 7 days. A site assessment would be conducted thereafter.
  4. Ad-hoc
    CPE may direct a PEI to apply for ad- hoc assessment if it has reason to believe that a PEI has violated the EduTrust Terms and Conditions, pre-requisites or specific requirements as stated in the EduTrust Guidance Document.


In addition to meeting the pre-requisites above, PEIs are to:

  • Appoint a Management Representative (MR)
    PEIs must appoint a member of their management team as their Management Representative (MR) (see page x of the EduTrust Certification Scheme Guidance Document) for EduTrust certification. The MR will be responsible for communicating with CPE, and should be empowered to carry out or facilitate the implementation of all requirements of the EduTrust Certification Scheme. The particulars of the MR will be submitted to CPE during application for the EduTrust Certification Scheme via LicenceOne (see section on "Application" below).
  • Conduct a management review and internal assessment
    PEIs are to conduct a management review within 12 months before their application for EduTrust certification and an internal assessment one month before their application.

  • Seek waiver (if applicable)
    PEIs are to declare using the EduTrust Declaration and Undertaking Letter as part of the application for EduTrust certification any of the following area(s) which is/are not applicable to its business operations:

    a) Partnerships
    b) External Recruitment Agents
For other EduTrust requirements, PEIs can continue to seek waivers by filling in the EduTrust Waiver Application Template and emailling it to for evaluation, before applying for EduTrust certification.
In the event that PEIs intend to deploy systems and processes related to any of the areas declared to be not applicable or for which waiver has been granted, PEIs have to inform CPE. CPE reserves the right to direct PEIs to apply for ad-hoc assessment or to change the EduTrust award type in such an event.


All applications, together with fees payable, are to be made via the LicenceOne application on For more info on LicenceOne, please refer to the Guide to Application for EduTrust Certification via LicenceOne.

Thereafter, PEIs are to submit the following within 7 days of its application to the Certification Officer:

1. The original copy of the completed EduTrust Declaration & Undertaking Letter.

2. The soft copy of documents listed in Section A of Document Submission List. The necessary templates could be downloaded from the online resources.

The documents and/or samples of evidence listed in Section B of Document Submission List are to be prepared for verification during the on-site assessment.

Fees payable  

The EduTrust certification fees payable via LicenceOne are determined by a PEI's annual sales turnover.


Annual Sales Turnover


Less than S$1 million


Between S$1 million and S$15 million


More than S$15 million

Note: A newly set-up PEI is classified as a "small" in its first year.
Upon submission of its application to CPE for EduTrust certification, a PEI will have to make the following payments:

Stage 1 Fee Structure

Fee Type

Application Type




Application Fee



Assessment Fee

New / Renewal




Interim / Ad hoc




No. of Premises Assessed


No additional charge

Upon award of any of the three types of EduTrust certification, the PEI will be asked to make the following payments before a formal letter of notification of the EduTrust award is sent to the PEI. 

Stage 2 Fee Structure

Fee Type

Application Type




Annual Fee*

New / Renewal / Interim




Other Fees


All outstanding fees accrued by the private education institution

*A PEI will be required to pay either two years’ or one year’s annual fee at Stage 2. Two years’ annual fee will be collected if a PEI is awarded four-year certification, or if a PEI with a four-year certification completes the interim assessment at the end of the second year, and is deemed able to sustain the award into the third and fourth years.  For example, a medium-size PEI with four-year certification will pay fees equivalent to S$2,400 (i.e. S$1,200 x 2 years) for each instalment of two years' fee.

All fees paid to CPE are not refundable.

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