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EduTrust Certification Scheme


The EduTrust Certification Scheme (EduTrust) is a voluntary quality assurance scheme. While the EduTrust Certification Scheme is voluntary, it is one of the prerequisites which PEIs that enrol international students must meet to qualify for the issue of Student Passes.

The scheme assesses a PEI’s academic and financial processes, school governance and administration, quality management, and the protection and welfare of students through fee protection, management of recruitment agents and provision of student support services. In order to be certified, a PEI needs to demonstrate it has achieved minimum level of performance in these areas.

There are currently three award types under EduTrust, namely EduTrust Star, EduTrust and EduTrust Provisional. EduTrust Star and EduTrust awards are valid for four years whereas EduTrust Provisional is valid for one year.

The award type is dependent on PEI meeting EduTrust requirements to set up and maintain systems and processes in providing quality courses, student-centric services and ensuring good educational outcomes.


Type of EduTrust Certification Awards




Validity Period


EduTrust Star

EduTrust Star
750 and above 4 years

This award is given to a PEI for having excelled in all key areas of management and the provision of quality education services. This mark is also a symbol of recognition for sustained efforts in organisational improvement.




600 – 749 4 years

This award is given to a PEI for having achieved satisfactory to commendable performance in key areas of management and the provision of educational services.



EduTrust Provisional

EduTrust Provisional
500 – 599 1 year

This award is given to a PEI which has attained a minimum level of performance in key areas of management and the provision of educational services. In accepting the award, the organisation acknowledges the need for improvement in its existing management practices and service provisions, and strives to achieve this.




A PEI is certified to have increasingly higher standards for its products and overall business operations and services as the type of certification award progresses from EduTrust Provisional to EduTrust Star.


There is no limit of times PEIs can attain EduTrust Provisional award with one-year validity. There is no requirement that they need to achieve the 4-year EduTrust award upon renewal for them to remain certified.


Should PEIs fail to achieve any award after an assessment, they are strongly encouraged to better prepare themselves before the next application. There is no debarment period and they can choose to re-apply when they are ready.


For further details, please refer to the EduTrust Terms and Conditions.


For further information on the EduTrust Certification Scheme, please refer to the EduTrust Guidance Document.

Criteria for EduTrust Certification


The EduTrust Certification Scheme builds on the previous CaseTrust for Education Scheme’s coverage for the protection of fees paid by students, and introduces additional requirements for academic processes, corporate governance and administration processes, management of marketing agents and student support matters.


There are six criteria and respective sub-criteria under the EduTrust Certification Scheme that PEIs must meet to qualify.

1    Management Commitment and Responsibilities

This criterion examines a PEI’s leadership system, its commitment to achieve its vision and how responsibilities are spelt out to ensure that its mission would be met. The leadership should set the direction with a focus on building capacity, guided by the tenets of high quality education services.


1.1    Vision and Mission

         1.1.1    Defining vision and mission
         1.1.2    Communication to stakeholders

1.2    Values and Culture

         1.2.1    Defining values and culture
         1.2.2    Communication to stakeholders

1.3    Strategic Planning

         1.3.1    Strategic planning process
         1.3.2    KPIs and targets

1.4    Defining Responsibilities

         1.4.1    Responsibility of all staff

1.5    Management Representative (MR)

        1.5.1    Appointment of MR

2    Corporate Governance and Administration

This criterion examines how a PEI manages its operations and resources effectively and efficiently to meet its vision and mission. In addition, it examines how a PEI manages its partnerships to value-add to its students’ educational experience.


The PEI is expected to have good communication protocols to ensure that information disseminated is accurate and not misleading. The criterion further examines how a PEI exercises due care and due diligence to uphold the core principles of confidentiality, integrity and security when handling information that it receives. It would, thus, be required to discharge its ethical and legal obligations by ensuring that the privacy of information submitted by its students and staff is maintained. It would also be assessed under this criterion on how it manages feedback and complaints in order to improve its services to the students and staff.


2.1    Management of Financial Resources
         2.1.1    Financial management
         2.1.2    Financial statements
         2.1.3    Credit standing

2.2    Management of Resources and Facilities

         2.2.1    Physical facilities and infrastructure maintenance
         2.2.2    Academic resource management
         2.2.3    Environment management

2.3    Management of Human Resources

         2.3.1    Selection process
         2.3.2    Staff management
         2.3.3    Management of part-time recruitment staff
         2.3.4    Staff training and development

2.4    Management of Partnerships

         2.4.1    External partners

2.5    Communication and Publicity

         2.5.1    Internal communication
         2.5.2    External communication
         2.5.3    Publicity: Course advertisement and promotion

2.6    Management of Information

         2.6.1    Data management
         2.6.2    Confidentiality and security of information

2.7    Management of Feedback and Complaints

         2.7.1    Feedback and complaints management
         2.7.2    Student satisfaction survey
         2.7.3    Staff satisfaction survey

3    External Recruitment Agents

This criterion examines how a PEI selects, manages and monitors its local and overseas external recruitment agents effectively to ensure that the agents continue to deliver quality services, and do not engage in any misrepresentation and unethical practices.


3.1    Selection of Agents

         3.1.1    Selection process

3.2    Management of Agents

         3.2.1    Management of agents

3.3    Monitoring of Agents

         3.3.1    Monitoring of agents

4    Student Protection and Support Services

This criterion examines how a PEI provides for student protection mainly via the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS), the student contract and the refund process. The protection will enable the PEI to build a strong PEI-student relationship based on trust, which will help the PEI, in turn, to focus on its core business of achieving its vision and mission. The transfer/withdrawal process will also ensure greater flexibility for the private education industry by building a robust educational hub that is responsive in meeting the educational needs of students.


This criterion also examines how a PEI designs, implements, manages, reviews and improves its student support services to enhance students’ welfare and their well-being for a holistic education. PEIs should aim to value-add to students’ educational experience through the provision of enriching programmes in a conducive physical and psychosocial environment.


4.1    Fee Protection Scheme
         4.1.1    Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)
         4.1.2    Implementation of the Fee Protection Scheme
         4.1.3    Fee payable
         4.1.4    Receipt

4.2    Student Contract
         4.2.1    Student contract
         4.2.2    Procedures for executing the student contract

4.3    Refund Process
         4.3.1    Refund policy
         4.3.2    Refund procedures

4.4    Transfer / Withdrawal Process
         4.4.1    Transfer / withdrawal policy
         4.4.2    Transfer / withdrawal procedures

4.5    Student Support Services
         4.5.1    Provision of student support services
         4.5.2    Counselling and advice

5    Academic Processes and Assessment of Students

This criterion examines how a PEI sets up processes to ensure that courses offered are of high quality and meet the needs and expectations of the students and the industry.


The criterion also examines how a PEI monitors the progress of its students through the most appropriate modes of assessment to achieve the course outcomes.


The PEI will also be assessed on its system to select and recruit the most appropriate part-time academic staff to deliver the courses to achieve its learning outcomes.


5.1    Curriculum Design and Development
         5.1.1    Design and development process
         5.1.2    Review process

5.2    Curriculum Planning and Delivery
         5.2.1    Planning process
         5.2.2    Delivery process

5.3    Student Selection and Admission
         5.3.1    Selection process
         5.3.2    Admission process

5.4    Monitoring of Learning and Student Development
         5.4.1    Periodic monitoring
         5.4.2    Student development

5.5    Student Tracking
         5.5.1    Student tracking

5.6    Student Assessment
         5.6.1    Course assessment
         5.6.2    Assessment process
         5.6.3    Assessment results

5.7    Selection of Part-time Academic Staff
         5.7.1    Selection process
         5.7.2    Management of part-time academic staff

6    Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Results

This criterion examines the quality assurance requirements of a PEI in establishing a system to meet EduTrust requirements. Through regular monitoring and analysing of critical data, the conduct of internal reviews, internal assessments and management reviews, the PEI ensures that the systems and processes are effectively managed as it continues to deliver quality services to the students. This criterion also examines the PEI’s commitment towards continual improvement so as to value-add to students’ educational experience.


6.1    Measurement and Analysis
         6.1.1    Collection and analysis of data
         6.1.2    Monitoring of results

6.2    Internal Review and Assessment
         6.2.1    Policy and operation manuals
         6.2.2    Internal assessment and review process

6.3    Management Review
         6.3.1    Review process

6.4    Continual Improvement    
         6.4.1    Continual improvement process



The EduTrust Certification Framework


EduTrust Certification Framework

Pre-requisites of EduTrust

The EduTrust Certification Scheme has five pre-requisites which a PEI must satisfy.  Failure to meet any of these pre-requisites will mean that a PEI will not be eligible to apply for EduTrust certification or could result in a non-award assessment or award suspension / termination for PEIs already EduTrust-certified.


1     Registration under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF)

The PEI must be registered under the ERF before it can apply for EduTrust certification. Termination of the PEI’s registration for whatever reason will immediately lead to the withdrawal of an EduTrust award previously granted. 


2      Credit Rating (Criterion 2.1.3)
A PEI must obtain a credit rating report (completed less than three months prior to EduTrust application) from one of the participating credit rating companies, and meet at least the minimum credit rating requirements.


3     Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) and its implementation (Criterion 4.1.1 and Criterion 4.1.2)

The PEI is required to protect the total course fee paid by all its students via FPS with Council for Private Education-appointed banks and insurers. The PEI must demonstrate full compliance with the FPS Implementation.


4     Provision of Medical Insurance (Criterion 4.5.1)

The PEI must purchase medical insurance coverage for all its full-time students to cover them for hospitalisation and related medical treatment throughout their course duration.


The following students can choose to opt out of the medical insurance scheme if they can show that they are already covered by their own medical insurance:


        -     Singapore citizens, permanent residents and international students not on the Student's Pass, and

        -     Students under corporate sponsorship / agreement signed between the PEI and sponsor 



Medical insurance is not applicable to part-time students and students taking courses with a duration of not more than one month or 50 hours.


5      Compliance with EduTrust Terms and Conditions

The PEI must also comply with the terms and conditions set out in the EduTrust Terms and Conditions. Any breach of the terms and conditions may be considered a critical lapse, leading to non-award of EduTrust certification, a warning letter, suspension, downgrade or termination of the PEI's EduTrust certification.


For further information on the EduTrust Certification Scheme, please refer to the EduTrust Guidance Document.


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Last updated on 29 September 2015