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Permitted Courses Offered by PEIs

Under the Private Education Act, registered PEIs cannot offer or provide courses that are longer than one month (full time) and 50 hours without the permission of the CPE. To find out whether the course that you are interested to take up is permitted and which PEI offers it, fill in the "Search" box with a keyword like "Business" or "Marketing".

To narrow your search, you can also check any of the boxes below which apply e.g. if you are looking for a full-time Bachelor of Marketing programme offered by a foreign institution, you can fill in the "Search" box with the keyword "Marketing" and then check the boxes "Bachelor" under "Course Level", "Full-time" under "Type of Study", and "Foreign Institution" under "Cert Awarded By" before clicking the "Search" button. This will surface a list of permitted courses that are the closest match to your course of choice.

Private Education Institution's (PEI) Profile

Date First Registered 24-01-2018
Registration No. 201723274R
Registration Validity Period 24-01-2019 to 23-01-2021
Status Active
Registration Record
(What's this?)
Schools are granted registration period of 1 year, 4 years or 6 years, depending on factors such as compliance with requirements and financial health. Generally, schools which are assessed to have better compliance and track records are granted longer registration periods.

2018: Granted 1-year registration (24-Jan-18 to 23-Jan-19)

Address 1 Kay Siang Road 10-01 248922
Telephone No. 69092153
Fax No. -
E-mail Address -
Facility Basketball Court
Status of EduTrust Award -
Type of EduTrust Award
(What's this?)
The EduTrust Certification Scheme is a voluntary quality assurance scheme that assesses the performance of private schools in areas of management and provision of education services. To be certified, schools need to demonstrate that they have achieved a minimum level of performance in these areas.

There are 3 award types, namely EduTrust Star (valid for 4 years), EduTrust (valid for 4 years) and EduTrust Provisional (valid for 1 year).
EduTrust Cert No. -
EduTrust Award Validity Period -

Course Information